About Cornerstone

Mission Statement

Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. ascribes to strong guiding principles as the foundation of good business. We follow a compassionate compass when charting key partnerships within the energy sector and; indeed, throughout the world. Our company stands firm in the belief that business can be both a developer of strong growth returns as well as the deliverer of resources and relief to the many at-risk and in need across the globe.

About Us

Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. is a privately held energy company committed to building lasting global partnerships primarily through exploration and production operations and by engaging in sustainable development programs through governmental initiatives and humanitarian projects worldwide. The Cornerstone management team has extensive backgrounds in Brokerage, Investment Banking, Energy Investments, Real Estate and General Business–more than 50 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry.


Before entering into joint venture partnerships, we begin by evaluating project criteria based on solid economics, moderate risk and limited entry costs. As each program is an investment of time and resources, both human and capital, it is important to share common objectives. We review all project requirements and the capabilities of the operating and non-operating partners before roles and assignments are designated for each entity and team.


Finally, in order to achieve best practices we install a governance and decision-making model that lets each owner protect its strategic agenda, ability to share information, performance review and flexibility in respect to capital allocation. Overall, our goal is simply to limit political, economic and technical risk to our operating units. We achieve this by consistently exposing Cornerstone to high-impact oil and gas projects that fortify our base reserves, increase cash flow and provide for our corporate culture.

Company Profile

Cornerstone International Industries Inc. was founded in 2008 as an independent producer engaged in exploration and production in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. experienced consistent and steady increases in production and subsequent returns through the acquisition of new wells, and by adapting to new systems that allowed the company to maintain growth. Even during sustained quarters that reflected low commodity prices and reduced cash flow and net income in the oil and gas industry.
Additionally, the company has been able to raise capital through non-brokered private placement, further exposing Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. to projects with exceptional reserves with only moderate risk.
As a result of insulating Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. through volatile markets, the company has been able to implement plans for its broader vision, which includes the expansion of its business model. This model includes expanding the company’s crude and refine fuel private platform and fully realizing potential and global reach of the company s’ humanitarian outreach projects and partnerships throughout the world.

Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. has an execution model that is designed to combined best-in-class, in-house capabilities with best–in-class external providers.


Our goal is to steadily increase proven reserves of oil and natural gas leading to enhance cash flows, while improving the quality of life for the people in all countries.

Cornerstone International Industries, Inc. along with their global partners, continue to develop high-impact oil and gas projects that will significantly boost company base reserves and cash flow to allow for growth of the enterprise.
The criteria for our company projects include solid economics, limited entry costs, and modest risk. Our management teams and quality partners implement these standards while seeking to limit political, economic and technical risk when exposing potential reserves to Cornerstone. This includes reserves that exceed those currently developed.

We endeavor to maintain momentum, while monitoring the sustainability of existing wells and projects even in turbulent times and the harshest economic climate.
The execution model is anchored with a disciplined performance management system and alignment of incentives for both employees and contractors. A significant part of all employee compensation is linked directly to firm performance, and contractor arrangements are generally designed to incent optimization of key value drivers.
The Cornerstone management team has proven its ability to boost operational performance across the value chain- from driving down well cycle times in unconventional basins, to raising capacity factors at both nuclear and coal generating facilities, to driving down SG&A costs- and to create a culture of continuous improvement. The team brings best-in-class capabilities across strategy, valuation, execution, M&A, capital formation, drilling, echnology, and governance. Cornerstone plans to augment its strengths by partnering with providers across the value chain to gain access to the technical capabilities of a “super-major.”

Cornerstone brings a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry with over 40 years of combined experience. Our team brings extensive backgrounds in Brokerage, Investment Banking, Energy Investments, Real Estate, and General Business.

We have experience to implement a value chain that consists of:

  • Contribute to Country’s growing energy needs
  • Attain security of supply of fuels
  • Achieve least cost supply of products
  • Earn revenues to support development including poverty
  • Reduction, education, health and other human development
  • Create investment opportunities
  • Create employment and assist in wealth distribution
  • Provide Human Resources and transfer of knowledge
  • Facilitate regional industrialization
  • Contribute to sustainable development and technical innovation

Cornerstone operates several thousand acres of lease and minerals positions, based in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. The position is in large contiguous parcels that provide for efficient delineation and the execution of a scaled drilling program. The vast majority are either owned or leased under terms that provide significant flexibility (15+ year leases). This ownership position makes the option to develop the potential deeper pay zones even more valuable.

The Cornerstone strategy is to create a leading unconventional and conventional oil and natural gas position in major attractive plays. It consists of:

  • Scaled Development Strategy: A strategy focused on developing Cornerstone International Industries large, contiguous acreage blocks through the use of best-in-class technology and an operating system developed through years of experience with the major oil companies.
  • Commercial Optimization Strategy: A strategy focused on maximizing the value of Cornerstone International Industries acreage and minerals positions through a combination of opportunistic drilling and transactions to find natural owners for all parcels of land.
  • Fast-Follower Technology Strategy: A strategy focused on leveraging a scaled acreage position to gain access to best-in-class “super-major” technology, utilizing such horizontal drilling technologies in combination with the newest completion technologies that have been successful in other unconventional and conventional plays.
  • Midstream Strategy: A strategy focused on ensuring that all gas and oil is delivered to market without delay, likely through a combination of self-build and partnerships to develop the needed infrastructure to move Cornerstone International Industries volumes, as well as, other volumes in the basins.

Where We Stand


At Cornerstone we believe that leading an energy company is a lot like sailing. We are always mindful that changing winds require rapid adjustment of the sails and ‘strategy’ in order to stay the course. We enter into each joint venture by charting in advance a dynamic plan of integrated data and options that can be adapted to the meet demands of each market and business environment and the many different layers of operations. A lack of preparedness and integrated option planning can lead to missed opportunities, inconsistent profits and the ability to fulfill obligations to supply-chain operators and joint venture partners.


Each operating model we compose is strategically developed to respond to changing upstream/downstream conditions and prices. This process begins by coordinating a complex set of elements involving high-level geopolitical analysis including logistics, behaviors, capital deployment, workforce planning and human resources.


Lastly, we build in the Cornerstone contingency plan–risk mitigated contractual checkpoints to safeguard network operations. These tenets are reviewed when certain criteria has not been met, and when the need to re-direct resources, technology, talent and capital toward areas of opportunity becomes apparent, even crucial.